Amateur Radio Classes

The La Verne CERT program has a licensed and ARRL-registered instructor who offers classes in amateur radio communications for the Technician (beginner) and General and Extra class upgrade licenses. Radio communications are essential during a disaster when other communications systems are down, and to supplement FRS local communications. 

Fee:  FREE for graduates of La Verne CERT and other local CERT programs, including those currently enrolled in a local CERT basic training course.  For non-CERT members, the fee is $20 and all proceeds are donated to the La Verne CERT 501(c)3 fund. 

To sign up or request information please complete the form below.

Upcoming Classes:

Technician (entry level) Class:  To be announced.

General Class (upgrade; requires previous-level license):  To be announced.

Extra Class (upgrade; requires previous-level license): To be announced.

  • Minimum class size:  8 students
  • Duration:  About 9 weeks (one evening per book chapter). 
  • Materials:  After enrolling in the course, the instructor will contact you to provide information about purchasing the book for the class. 
  • Location: Upstairs training room of the La Verne Fire Department, 2061 Third St.

To enroll or request information: