• What do the classes entail? 

The CERT Course Outline describes the topics learned in each module.  A participant manual is provided to each student at the first class.  All classes are required to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course (see below for details about make-up classes).

  • What happens upon successful completion of the CERT training?

Each person who successfully completes the course is given the choice of joining the Team or being a Training-Only graduate (see here to learn more).  All graduates will receive a certificate of completion of Basic CERT Training, a CERT vest, and a CERT response bag containing a helmet and other basic supplies.  All graduates are invited to refresher and supplemental training classes and drills.

  • What will be provided to graduates who choose to join La Verne CERT?

In addition to the certificate, vest, and CERT pack, graduates who choose to join the Team will also receive a photo ID card for identification during an emergency response or community activity.  Team members are also added to the Nixle database to receive call-out messages after a disaster, and will receive email invitations to support the La Verne Fire and Police at community events.

  • Where can students make up missed classes?

You can make up a missed class by attending that class in any local CERT program’s Basic Training course; a list of upcoming Local CERT Courses is provided on our website. If you make up a class in another city’s CERT program, take our Make-up Class form with you to each make-up class to verify your attendance there, and submit the form to lburtz@lavernefire.org when complete.

  • Can students attend the final simulation exercise if they have missed a module?

Students will need to apply the skills and knowledge learned from all 8 modules during the final simulation exercise. They may attend the exercise — however, the missing classes will need to be completed to receive a certificate, badge, CERT vest and CERT pack.

  • Are the free CPR/AED and First Aid classes scheduled for La Verne CERT members open to the general public?  

The free classes are for La Verne CERT members only. For information on classes offered to the public, view the LVFD website for details and pricing: http://www.lavernefire.org/ps.services.cfm?ID=24